Following the successful three-year research work undertaken by our resident Research Fellow, Dr Marta Penna, analysing patient outcomes after the new TaTME treatment, we are seeking additional funding for the following new projects in 2021:

Enhanced Robotic Surgery Training and Research

Thanks to Charitable Trusts and philanthropists, a substantial project to make surgery even safer launches in 2021. Neil Ashley, our patron, together with the Ashley Charitable Trust, are enabling the creation of a UK wide joint charity effort to establish an international registry into robotic surgery.  The study will also look at how surgeons are trained to work with robots.  The study will collect evidence on how robotic-assisted colorectal surgery reduces complications and improves outcomes for patients.  With this funding, Occtopus will establish an international registry in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons of England, the Ashley Charitable Trust and Imperial College, London.

Exciting new research into cancer cell behaviour

The Oxford research programme is ready and Occtopus will soon seek funding to commission new and exciting research into how biologically-active molecules can re-programme cell behaviour.   An initial study has shown that these molecules could be an important driver of tumour development in colorectal cancer.  We aim to launch a fundraising campaign to kickstart the research in the coming months.  Results from this study will advance scientists’ understanding of how cells behave across a wide range of cancers.

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